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What is Gotchapp?

GotchApp is a location based game. Your real environment such as an urban district, some park or even the woods serve as a virtual playground, where your location and movements are identified via GPS-signal from your smartphone. Your target is to reach certain predefined spots in the game by moving towards them with your mobile device. These spots can be other spies, moving Spy drones and the regular Checkpoints. But be careful: there are other spies hunting. If they tag you, you will loose. It’s more fun to play this with a group of people. GotchApp makes it easy to invite some friends and let you play in the tournament mode. It’s all free and fun to do. So get of the couch and start hunting! 


What do I need to do?

You will see yourself, Checkpoints and Spy Drones. If there are other Spies nearby, you will see the ones you have to tag. But you don't see the Spies who are out there to tag you. The distance between you and the Spy who has to tag you is visible in the bottom right corner. You can earn Gotchars or Power-up's by tagging a Checkpoint, Spy Drone or a Spy if you are within a range of approximately 50 meters/167 feet. In the menu you can buy Items and Lives to advance in the game. If you are playing with a group of friends please make sure there is distance between all of you when you start. Otherwise you won't see other Spies. The distance should be +- 150 meters/500 feet. Good luck and Keep moving.


Who is a Spy?

You are a Spy! But there are other Spies out there as well. In GotchApp you can play with other people if you're at the same location at the same time. Spies are real people like your friends, family or people you don't know. If you tag a Spy you score 1000 Gotchars * your GotchApp multiplier.


What is a Checkpoint?

In GotchApp we have Checkpoints. Checkpoints are fixed locations, when you tag them you earn a Power-up. Checkpoints can be sponsored.


What is a Spy Drone?

In GotchApp we have Spy Drones. Spy Drones are moving helicopters, when you tag them you earn 400 Gotchars * your GotchApp multiplier. Spy Drones can be sponsored.


What are Gotchars?

In GotchApp we use a virtual currency called Gotchars. You can earn Gotchars, spend them on lives and items and improve in the game.


Who is the blinking Spy at the bottom left corner?

In GotchApp invisibility is a Power-up. So the blinking Spy at the bottom left corner is a Spy who is invisible.


I earned Gotchars at a Checkpoint (Power-up) but I don't see those Gotchars in my score?

That's correct. You will earn Gotchars and XP if you tag a Spy Drone or a Spy. When you tag a Checkpoint you will earn Gotchars or another Power-up. The Leaderboard is based on your XP.


How many lives do I have?

In GotchApp you start with 5 lives. Every time a Spy tags you, you will lose 1 life. So it's important keep track of the amount of lives you have. You can see this at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can buy new lives in the menu via items. If you lose your last live, you have 3 minutes left in the game with Spies. After those 3 minutes you can still tag Checkpoints and Spy Drones to earn Gotchars and buy lives.


Which Items are there in the game and how do I use them?

Buy and upgrade your itmes. You can use two items at the same time. To use an item drag it to the cardholder at the bottom of the screen.

The items are:

FI -- Follower information: Get information about the location of the Spy who follows you!

TDM -- Target Distance Multiplier: Make it easier to tag Spies from a bigger Distance!

GM -- Gotchars Multiplier: Multiply the amount of Gotchars with a percentage

Why am I not on the leaderboard?
You didn't scored any XP during the selected time frame. Or you are not logged in via Facebook.
Which Powerup's are available?
There are 3 power up's you can get by tagging a Spot: invisibility for some time,  no power up, extra Gotchars.
How can I play the Tournament mode?
The easiest way is to look on our special tournament page (on this website).
When does the game end?

It never ends, you can play it anytime anywhere you like. Only with the tournament mode there is a start and finish time.

What are badges?

For this moment badges are to show off.


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